Interested in making a Will in Tenerife?

Figures show that we do not like making Wills. That is absolutely normal because people do not like to consider death; however, death is part of life and it is not a good idea not to consider what will happen to your assets if you die.

If you have an English Will, you may choose to incorporate your assets in Tenerife but please note that having you English Will proved may take a long time and cause problems to your heirs. Making a Spanish Will is as straightforward as making an English Will and it is nor time consuming nor expensive, so we strongly advice you to have two Wills, an English one (applicable to your assets in the UK) and a Spanish one (applicable to your assets in Tenerife).

All adults should make a will (testamento), irrespective of how large or small their assets are. If a foreigner dies in Tenerife without a will (intestate process), the estate of such person may be automatically disposed of under Spanish law; in this case, the law regarding compulsory heirs would apply. The most common form of Will in Spain is the so-called Testamento Abierto or Open Will. To see what this is all about, you may find this link worth to read.

The most important figure here is the Notary Public, who will prepare your Will according to your wishes and directions. There are many Notaries Public in Tenerife and you can choose the one you like. You will also need the presence of three witnesses who will sign the document at the end. After you sign your Will, the Notary Public in Tenerife will register it in the Central Registry of Wills (Registro de Actos de Última Voluntad) and give you an authorised copy showing the number under which the original Will is filed. The Spanish system is a good one and eliminate the possibility of a Will being lost or overlooked.

If you need help to make your Spanish will, if you have inherited property in Tenerife and you are unsure of what to do next or if you need to get your English Will/Grant of Probate/Death Certificate translated into Spanish please contact us for further information.

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