Advisory Services in Tenerife

In Traducciones Juradas Tenerife™ we help our clients cope with certain issues we are familiar with thanks to our daily work as certified translators. We can provide a quick and efficient service with many of the issues you might encounter if you have decided to settle in Tenerife. Any problem? You don´t speak Spanish? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Residence matters (Application for NIE Number, Social Security Number)
  • Spanish Health Cover. Am I entitled to it?
  • Formalities with the Spanish Social Security
  • Letting your property in Tenerife. Drafting and translation of letting contracts. Are you thinking of letting your property in Tenerife while you are abroad? We can do this for you.
  • Registering on the Padrón (Empadronamiento)
  • Recognition of Foreign Qualifications
  • Registering your child for a state school in Tenerife
  • Fishing permits
  • Travel authorisations for minors
  • Powers of Attorney (Special, General)
  • And much more. Contact us for further information.